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boek over brood

baking bread at home

by issa niemeijer-brown


kleine bakkers takes you step by step through baking bread, whether it's for the first time or if you've done it before. With experiments and examples – and by just trying, feeling and tasting it – you will learn everything about what happens in a dough and what makes bread so delicious.


coming from a family with french and italian ties, issa niemeijer-brown grew up in a tradition of home baking and an appreciation for quality and simplicity. he chose the bakery profession after graduating cum laude at the uva. after years of training at leading bakeries in the netherlands, france and italy, issa – initially together with his brother – founded an artisanal french bakery in the heart of amsterdam, "de gebroeders niemeijer".


his bakery is internationally renowned for its croissants, patisserie and bread.

kleine bakkers

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