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We embrace the traditional artisanship that goes into sourdough bread with added inspiration from around the world.

our bread

The art of sourdough revolves around finessing fermentation. We use a variety of grains, seeds, and other flavour-determining ingredients hand-picked from family-run farms. Each loaf has been shaped by hand and baked to perfection. Our hydrated sourdough stays fresh longer while developing more nuanced flavours over time.

If you want to be sure not to miss out on our bread for your breakfast on Sunday morning,

a big wedding or a picnic with friends. Pre-order your bread now.


Large orders (±10 loafs) must be made 48 hours in advance. 


our patisserie

We get creative with classic recipes, creating bold and delightful treats. The fillings, glazings, powders, and toppings that go into our pastries are made in-house. Our selection evolves and rotates on a seasonal basis.

our viennoiserie

We make our baked goods mainly with sourdough, adding dashes of yeast over the course of three days. This slow fermentation process creates the deepest range of flavours and textures. Each pastry is paired with organic local produce, meats, and cheeses.

our deli

We focus on pairing delicious breads with fresh homemade garnishings, just as a sommelier pairs her entrées with matching wines. Our seasonal menu features mostly ingredients from in and around Amsterdam. Everything from the sausages to the smoked fish and freshly-whipped mayonnaise is made by one of our chefs in the kitchen.


our bookstore

We have a distinctive selection of coffee table books on baking and cooking. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, each item in our curated collection was hand-picked to surprise, inspire, and impact.

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